A change of branding heart

I had no idea that my mindset was in such bad shape until I started Brand Builders’ Academy (BBA).

It feels like the work I’m doing as part of the BBA program is showering me in epiphanies, small and large. And I can trace those epiphanies back to the mindset work I started last week.

I’ve had a change of branding heart. The key realisation I had this week was that I don’t NEED to do the things I want to do in my business under a new business entity. For years I’ve been hiding behind agencies and other people’s brands. I’ve been helping them build their profile and brand by neglecting my own.

By suggesting that I need to establish a whole new entity to take my business in a new direction is just me hiding behind yet another brand.

It’s time to stop riding the coattails of others. It’s time to stop hiding behind other brands. It’s time to step up and into the spotlight, however uncomfortable that makes me feel, and embrace this change of branding heart.

Hello, my name is Sandra

Everything I want to do, I can do under my own name, my current brand www.sandralmuller.com. My personal brand needs work, but that’s what I’m focusing on these next few months.

I joined BBA thinking I would use the program would help me set up my new brand. Ha! I did not expect this plot twist. But I love it.

I’ve partnered up with an accountability buddy, Jayne. And she’s marvellous. We’re chatting at least once a week and I feel like I’ve got a new business bestie. We’re a good fit.

The week that was

I worked on 8 different projects this week. Plus did my BBA homework. No wonder my head was spinning.

It’s been a good mix of project work, though. From supervising a content auditing and mapping exercise to optimising a website for architects to writing content about eco-friendly floor cleaning equipment and editing content about a skilled migration program. I had to outsource some copywriting to my copy buddy, Sarina, and she did a marvellous job and saved me quite a few hours and a cup or two of mental wellbeing. I even roped TJ in to help me with some ‘crank the handle’ type of spreadsheet work.

Thanks to outsourcing and those early morning starts, I’m finally getting a weekend. So that’s something. Not that we can go anywhere or do anything thanks to COVID-19 lockdown laws. We’re at stage 3 here in Regional Victoria. I don’t even really know what that means. Masks on. No one over. No more school.

But we are catching up with family tonight via Zoom for a trivia challenge.

Learning from home started this week and so our routine is out of whack. I’ve been waking earlier to get some work done before The Monsta rises in time for breakfast and his 9 am video meeting with his teacher and classmates. That’s helped me power through some work this week. It’s meant my Downton Abbey binge had to stop. I’ve just started Season 4. No spoilers!

I’ve got a big week ahead, starting a new project writing website copy for a security camera company. I’ve set all the pages and templates up in GatherContent and I’m ready to go.

I didn’t write a newsletter this week. But I will next week. I can commit to fortnightly newsletters, right?


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