The Smarter Writer is the fusion of my love for language and my bumbling voyage into understanding how our creative brains work.

Think of it as the love child of a word herder and neuroscientist.

Sandra Muller Writer and Content StrategistAbout your host

I’m not the best or smartest or most prolific writer around, but I’m learning and sharing my journey so I can help people like us become more productive and more confident writers.

I’m Sandra Muller, professional writer by day and burgeoning novelist by night. I am one of those people who always identified as a writer. But it took me until I was about 40 to start calling myself one.

I’m an Aussie, so I am fond of sticking an extraneous letter U in words like colour.

I have a tendency to be busy, but not very productive. But I’m learning brain hacks and productivity tips to propel me to my goal of being a prolific creator.

I am a creative critter, but a bit shy and skittish. Sometimes I’m funny. Sometimes I’m the only one laughing at my jokes.

My greatest blessing and curse is being an optimist.

I’m a hypocritical atheist who frequently references The Universe as a higher power (but that’s only because Aussieness makes me too humble to substitute The Universe for what it truly is – my brain).

For someone who loves the English language so much, I find it ironic I fell in love with someone who doesn’t speak English as his first language.

One day, I want to live on a country property and cuddle llamas.

What The Smarter Writer is all about

The Smarter Writer takes the writing skills and techniques I’ve learnt as a professional writer to help you become a better and more confident writer.

The Smarter Writer encourages a judicious use of your creative time and applying productivity tips to smash through writing goals.

The Smarter Writer understands how our creative brains work (well, tries to) and uses this knowledge to work smarter.

There is no muse


I do not believe I was born with a special gift for writing. I do not believe anyone is gifted with a special writing talent. Nor do I believe in the muse or gods or higher powers inspiring our work. That’s the atheist in me.

So, what do I believe in?


Yet I’m the biggest science nuffie you’ll meet either side of the equator. But here I am, wading my way into the world of neuroscience to try and understand our creative brains better because if there’s no god tossing the select few inspirational biscuits, all that’s left is science.

Can a science nuffie take on neuroscience?

Look out, world.

I believe there is science behind creativity – and if there is science behind it, there is a craft to it.

There is also a craft to writing well.

And if there is a craft, it can be taught.

That’s my theory and I’m sticking to testing it.

I hope you’ll join me on this voyage into the sciencey world of brains and neurons in my quest to understand what it takes to be a better, smarter writer.

The Smarter Writer