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Everyone knows that famous quote from Field of Dreams, right?

If you build it, he will come

The voice inside Kevin Costner’s character’s head in Field of Dreams

(Except that everyone thinks it’s ‘they will come’ but in the movie, the voice says ‘he will come’.  Whatever.)

Stating the bleeding obvious

Last weekend I pondered the ‘passive’ income I wasn’t generating from my suite of sites. 

There’s my long-neglected eCommerce store, the hiking blog that hasn’t had a new post for about a year, and my iced niche sites. All of which haven’t seen much love from me this year while I prioritised well-paid project work over my ‘unpaid-upfront’ personal projects.

And it dawned on me. Embarrassingly, because it’s so obvious. Of course they’re not making much money… because I don’t have much content on these sites and I haven’t added new content this year. And I haven’t been marketing them. Duh!

I can’t be expecting to sell the products I’ve not added to my eCommerce store. 

I cant expect to earn affiliate income from the post I haven’t yet written.

It’s as simple as that. 

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Taking action

I pondered this trivial epiphany with my friend, Nat. And straight away she asked me, “What will you do to change this?” 

I’m going to take action.

I’m going to:

  1. Schedule time to add at least 15 new wallpaper collections to my eCommerce store to grow the range of products we offer. 
  2. Resurrect my MailChimp email list and create a simple, weekly newsletter featuring special deals and offers, a featured collection, and interior decorating tips. 
  3. Write detailed product reviews for the 12 best-selling products (based on current data) that I have not yet reviewed on my niche site.

What about you? What’s one thing you need to build for your business so they will come?


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