This is my first post for My Digital Adventure series. Each week I will share something I learnt from my work and give you a little snippet of ex-pat life in Korea. No matter how busy I get. No matter where I am in the world, I commit to sharing at least one thing I’ve learnt that week.

Work stuff

What I’m working on this week:

  • The Big Government Content Gig
  • Social media campaign for a major Victorian tourism destination
  • LinkedIn profile overhaul for a local government Councillor
  • An invitation to an event in China

I am loving the people I’m working with. Each project has stretched me in some way, even the last two, which are small, compact gigs.

Life in Korea

Peace on earth, good will to many

No, it’s not Christmas in Korea, but there sure is a festive feel in the air this week following the successful meeting between President Moon Jae In and Chairman Kim Jong Eun. It’s brought a feeling of hope that there will be true peace on a de-nuclearised Korean peninsula.

The other headline dominating the neighbourhood is that The Monsta got his yellow belt at Taekwondo. #proudmama

Batching tasks for improved productivity

Batching tasks is grand.

I’ve been working on a five-week social media campaign for a major Victorian destination. They have penguins. And a Grand Prix race track. Can you guess where it is?

Batching my work has been so productive.

At the start of the campaign, I created most of the posts in one go.

I used Planable to create and set up the posts for the client to approve. It’s a great tool for crafting social media posts and setting up a content calendar. I love that the client can comment on and approve the posts while seeing how they would look in context. I won’t rabbit on about Planable too much because you can read all about my Planable love on another post.

I spend about an hour each week scheduling the posts. I use Grum to schedule the posts on Instagram and I use Facebook’s native publishing tool to schedule posts. You can publish directly from Planable to Facebook, but I’d rather test this out on my own accounts first, not on my clients.

I will use Planable again. And I’ll do more batching of my own social media from now on. #timesaver

Using GatherContent for complex online content projects

I started work on The Big Government Content Gig back in January.

We’re using a tool called GatherContent to prepare and manage our content through the drafting and approval process. I used it for another large government project last year. What I love most about it is that our content is written and edited directly in custom templates in GatherContent. The client is invited to provide feedback, using the comments functionality. We don’t have to deal with 100s of Word documents going back and forth between writers, editors and subject matter experts, stakeholders and (SMEs). All feedback is contained in GatherContent.

Version control can be hard to manage on large, complex projects when you use a tool like Word to share drafts with the client and gather feedback from SMEs and stakeholders. GatherContent makes this much easier by being the single source of truth. Unless someone accidentally deletes a template field – then all the content is gone for good. Ooops. Hurrah for backups.

And this project is HUGE. I had to access a backup version to source some deleted content and I almost broke Word and Grammarly pitched a fit.

Yes, more than 2,000,000 words checked. This is a very big content project. I think Word and I need a little lie-down.

Til next week,

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