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Disclaimer: I have become an affiliate for Planable. This means, if you click my link and join Planable, I am eligible for a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Planable review

If you’re branching out into running social media campaigns for clients, I recommend checking out Planable. Or even for yourself and managing your own social media.

It’s a fantastic tool you can connect to different social media profiles, write posts and see them in context. You can invite your client to comment on your posts and approve them. You can then set a date and time for when they’re to be published and build a visual content calendar. You can drag and drop posts to the calendar, too and shuffle things around.

The interface is really easy to navigate – much better than Hootsuite or Buffer.

You can schedule posts to publish directly from Planable to your social media account (not to Insta, though, they’re working on that, and maybe not Pinterest – I’ve only been playing with FB and Insta posts so far).

With a free account, you can have up to three users for your workspace. It’s perfect for a small campaign.

I am kicking myself for missing the AppSumo deal. Instead of paying $US49 for a lifetime, I am now paying $US49 per month (well, the client is…) I hope they bring it back.

It’s working really well for me and my clients on a large-ish social media campaign so I thought I’d share this lil gem with y’all.


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